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Food Packaging

Are you looking for a sustainable food packaging solution? Solidus offers a wide range of packaging solutions using solid board for a variety of food products. Solid board is the fantastic recyclable raw material that we manufacture and use for our food packaging supplies. Don’t believe us? See the advantages of cardboard packaging for different food packaging solutions below.
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Fish & Seafood

Our solid board is the ideal material to package fresh fish, round fish and salmon. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to the usual polystyrene and plastic crates.
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Fruit & Vegetables

Looking for a sustainable solution for packaging fruit and vegetables? We are experts at providing fruit & vegetable packaging solutions using solid board.
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Meat & Poultry

Are you looking for a sustainable solution for the packaging of meat or poultry products? We are experts at providing meat packaging solutions using solid board.
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Bakery & Confectionary

We provide solid board packaging solutions for bakery and confectionary products, that maintain freshness and conform with food hygiene standards.
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Why choose Solidus food packaging solutions?

Solidus understands the pivotal role of food packaging in maintaining the quality and safety of products throughout the supply chain. Quality and safety are our top priorities, so our packaging solutions undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. We cater to a variety of food items such as fresh produce, frozen goods, baked goods, and beverages, offering customizable, eco-friendly cardboard options tailored to each product’s needs to enhance shelf life.


Meat packaging

Meat and poultry are always packed chilled or frozen and often in humid environments, so the packaging needs to be safe and durable. To meet these requirements our food packaging is made from solid board with a PE liner, so it is suitable for direct food contact and it meets all the food safety standards. If you want to know more about our different options, head over to our meat and poultry page.

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Fish packaging

Our solid board is ideal for fresh or frozen fish, everything from salmon to prawns. Fish packed in solid board can be frozen immediately and one of the advantages is that it allows the fish to freeze much faster than other materials. Read more about our fish and seafood packaging.

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Fruit & Vegetable packaging

Fruit and vegetables require careful protection. We offer different solutions that match the varying needs of our customers and provide the required level of protection. In addition, a wide range of printing options will give your product a distinctive look. Read more about fruit & vegetable packaging.

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Bakery packaging

For bakery and confectionary products, it’s extremely important that the packaging brings freshness, safety and respects food hygiene standards. Our solid board food packaging does the trick.

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