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Machine erected trays

We supply a complete range of machine erected trays. We offer all sizes and a wide variety of solid board qualities that give the characteristics which are needed for each specific product and supply chain. As well as printed sheets, we can also provide erecting machines and complete machine servicing, year-round and wherever needed.

Relevant industries

Product features

About cardboard machine erected trays

Our cardboard tray is a very competent packaging for the transport, storage and nicely printed retail-display of your food products like fruit and vegetables, confectionary, cans or meat. We manufacture the sheet, print it and make sure the box is erected for you or can be erected on one of your own machines.

Fully automated process

  • Step 1: The trays are delivered in flat packs and stored until the moment they are used.
  • Step 2: The tray is folded and glued on a standard, fully automated erecting machine.
  • Step 3: The box is ready to be filled, either by hand or in an automatic filling line.


  • Technical service of erecting machines: For extra lean production, we also offer technical service for your erecting machines. These will be set up custom made for you to use with your Solidus’ machine erected trays. This option provides multiple benefits including lower staff costs and faster erection of your packaging.
  • Cost-efficient throughout the logistics chain: The trays are delivered in flat packs and stored until the moment they are used. This results in a very low transport and storage volume. The trays also perform particularly well when transporting products over long distances. Solid board is very strong, which means that the trays can be stacked high on a pallet in a stable manner.


  • Dimensions: We have a standard range of cardboard tray dimensions available suitable for each type of fresh, frozen or vulnerable product. The dimensions of our standard packaging portfolio are based on the most efficient pallet structure and logistical process. The machine erected trays are delivered in flat packs, keeping the transport and storage volume to a minimum. Any size can be provided, depending on your specific requirements.
  • Solid board grades & liners: We offer various solid board grades, including water resistant boards and other coatings.
  • Print options: Our boxes are beautiful just the way they are but we also offer standard and high quality printing options. Select offset, flexo or pre-print to get the best printing results. We can also print with your unique colour code and we will advise you on the optimal lamination for your printing quality requirements.
  • Customised: Your packaging is completely customisable with additional options.

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