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Skin packaging

Our skin packaging is suitable for a wide range of product segments. Whether meat, fish or other fresh foods – this vacuum packaging solution will emphasize each of your products at retail. With skin packaging a product is placed on a substrate material which in our case is solid board. Heated plastic film is draped over the product and the substrate, and a vacuum draws the film down tightly to the board and around the product to make a safe package.
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About our skin packaging

Solidus’ skin packaging is perfect for diverse food product categories as it utilizes a vacuum-sealing solution. Our skin pack solid board carriers are created from renewable fibers and are FSC® certified.

Products are placed on a solid board substrate to which a heated plastic film is attached, sealing the product tightly and securely. After removing the product, the thin transparent layer can be easily separated from the solid board for convenient disposal and recycling.

The development of our skin packaging solution aligns with our company's commitment to sustainability. It enhances and improves recyclable packaging solutions for our customers while reducing environmental impact.

Packaging your food product with Solidus’ skin packaging ensures optimal freshness, making it suitable for:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Other fresh foods

Benefits of our skin packaging

Our new skin packaging system has benefits for you as a brand owner, retailer or consumer. It improves the presentation of the product by using sustainable and recycled materials. Made with recycled solid board, Solidus is able to replace up to 90% of the incumbent non-recycled plastic solutions and thus contributing to the demand for circular packaging solutions. By using our sustainable solid board solution, you are a trendsetter in the market by providing a sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic packaging solutions.

Besides the environmental advantages, our skin pack trays offer the opportunity to print your branding on the in- and outside of solid board carrier. The high quality print gives your product the best in-store presentation and these printing options are always performed in line with all the standards of food safety. A transparent barrier skin film fixates the product directly onto the solid board carrier, which allows for perfect vertical presentation. A peel tab simplifies the opening of the skin packaging for the consumer.

  • Our skin packing system, based on recycled solid board, is recyclable and uses up to 90% less plastic than other packaging products.
  • After taking out the product, the thin transparent layer is easily removed from the solid board to allow for separate disposal and recycling.
  • The deep vacuum method extends the product’s shelf life in store. A transparent barrier skin film fixates the product directly onto the solid board carrier, which allows for perfect vertical presentation.
  • Suitable for meat, fish or other fresh foods. The solid board allows high quality printing on both sides of the board that is both informative and appealing to the consumer.

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