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Making the world greener together

Working with Trees for All, Solidus is planting two forests. After all, nature gives us the raw materials for our fibre-based products, so we feel it’s time to give something back. In the Netherlands, we’re regreening Nieuw Bos in Drenthe, enlarging and connecting existing forest areas. And in Central Vietnam, we’re restoring the depleted dune forests. This will give the locals (both people and wildlife!) a coastline that’s both more beautiful and more resilient to the extremes of weather.

As proof of this collective donation, we are happy to share some snapshots from the tree planting day that we held at the end of March, in collaboration with our partner Trees for All, at the Sleenerzand planting location in Schoonoord (Netherlands). The location is just 15 minutes away from our Solidus location in Coevorden and is therefore well suited as a donation project.

Planting trees in Sleenerzand

At various places in Drenthe, Trees for All will plant a total of 63,067 trees this year. The project aims to plant new forests adjacent to existing plantings or as a connection between existing wooded areas.

One of those parcels is located in the nature reserve Sleenerzand. A team from Solidus helped to plant 1,500 trees and bushes on March 26 over there. These were typical trees that are at home in this environment, such as black alder, downy birch, common oak, hornbeam and sweet cherry. Native shrubbery that we planted include the grey willow, blackthorn, midland hawthorn, bird cherry, dog rose, guelder rose and buckthorn.

The total “Sleenerzand en Gieten” project extends over a number of parcels spread across the nature reserves. In total, the parcels cover 14 hectares, divided across 8 parcels. Fourteen different species will be planted to increase biodiversity and create a stable forest. The variety ensures that many different animal species will feel at home here. In addition, the purpose of these woods is to capture CO2.

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Solidus has chosen not only to plant trees in the Netherlands, but all around the world. Together with Trees for All and local partners and residents, we will also contribute to the restoration of the coastal zone of Central Vietnam.

The coast of Central Vietnam is increasingly affected by tropical storms and typhoons. The natural vegetation in the dunes has also all but disappeared. The villages behind the dunes are vulnerable to flooding as a result. By supporting this specific project, we are contributing to the restoration of dune woods and ensure natural coastal protection. In addition, we are helping the local population with the development of a resilient, climate-resistant ecosystem.

Trees for All will plant 120,000 native trees and bushes over the coming years in order to restore and protect the coastal zone. The project is happening in close cooperation with the authorities and villages and serves as an example of a ‘nature-based solution’ for an enormous climate challenge. Solidus is happy to contribute to supporting that ‘nature-based’ solution!