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Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

In the pharmaceutical industry, it’s essential that your medical products reach their destination in top condition and without any damage. We manufacture and distribute box partitions and layer pads to protect your medical products during the entire shipping process.
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Why choose solutions of Solidus for the pharma sector?

Cardboard partitions for the pharmaceutical sector

When shipping pharmaceutical products, extra precautions are neccessary to make sure they reach their destination in perfect condition. Our cardboard partitions and dividers maximise the quantity of products that can be transported in the smallest storage space. Our transport packaging has improved internal stability, due to the capability of having compartments, to enable higher stacking.

Cardboard layer pads for the pharmaceutical sector

Our solid board layer pads divide stacked products, for example, in the pharma sector. The dividing layer stabilises the product whilst distributing weight, avoiding damage during transport. Solid board layer pads are thin and strong and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sheets.

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