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Slip sheets

Slip sheets are the most cost-effective pallet replacements. The benefits range from increasing container fill-up by 10% to reducing CO2 emissions through weight savings and lowering your container usage. Because we are manufacturing our own solid board, we have the potential to tailor a slip sheet to your specific needs.

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About our slip sheets

Solidus slip sheets reduce loading and unloading times, and also increase container fill up. Take a look at our slip sheet products and see how we can provide solutions to your business today.

Benefits of using slip sheets

  • Economic benefits
    • Save up to 80% on the unit cost of a wooden pallet;
    • Increase container fill-up by 10%;
    • Save up to 20% on shipping costs through weight savings;
    • Reduce loading and unloading time by up to 50%;
    • Minimal storage required (cubic volume for 500 slip sheets equivalent to 12 wooden pallets).
  • Green benefits
    • Reduce CO2 emissions through weight saving and increased container fill-up;
    • FSC® approved;
    • Made from recycled and recyclable material;
    • Enables a wood-free environment;
    • Insect-free.
  • Health and safety benefits
    • Safer than wooden pallets;
    • No nails, splinters or broken boards;
    • Reduction in forklift movements , reducing the risk of personal injury;
    • Unit weight reduction eliminating requirements for heavy lifting of pallets;
    • No lifting of goods if goods are currently being hand-loaded onto a container.

Benefits of Solidus slip sheet solutions

  • Solidus slip sheet solution
    • Reduction of man hours by replacing manual work with only 1 forklift operator;
    • Substitution of pallets for PE-lined solid board slip sheets.
  • Customer benefits
    • Saving on transportation costs;
    • Saving on labour costs;
    • Operating in a wood-free environment;
    • Increase in container fill;
    • Reduction of carbon footprint.

Interested in understanding how Slip Sheets could help your business?