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Solid board sustainability

Solidus supports the circular bioeconomy by giving renewable fibres a new life in the form of sustainable packaging materials.
Give fibers a new life

Why is solid board packaging more sustainable?

Renewable packaging materials support the circular bioeconomy

Solidus packaging is made from renewable materials that support circularity, combat climate change and reduce waste in the fibre packaging value chain. Fibres can be recycled up to 25 times before losing their strength properties. After which they can be used for energy generation. Fossil based packaging materials don't have that renewability starting point. Which is the clear differentiator vs. fibre packaging. Moreover, the EU recycling rate of fibre packaging is +80% vs. plastic +40%.

Reducing waste

Our circular packaging materials are made from renewable and recyclable fibers that act as carbon storage throughout their life and can be recycled at scale at their end-of-life, minimizing waste.

Why choose Solidus solid board solutions?

Circular by nature

Our fibre-based packaging reduces plastic waste with 80% with board that contains 90% recycled fibre which gives around 30% reduction* in carbon footprint versus equivalent fossil based packaging material.

*Based on LCA quick scan for MAP trays versus PET trays.

FSC® certified

Most of our solid board products, which are made from recycled paper and board, are FSC® certified (FSC-C023739).

By using FSC® certified products, we can assure our clients and end users that the products we make are produced in accordance with this sustainable method of forest management. This means that when the FSC® logo is displayed, you can be confident that the products have indeed been sustainably sourced. For more information, please visit:

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