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Consumer product packaging

With an ever-evolving range of solid board products designed with the environmentally conscious customer in mind, Solidus has become the trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest and best food service and retail brands providing consumer packaging for a variety of different products.
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Why choose Solidus consumer product packaging solutions?

Moisture resistant

Our consumer packaging keeps optimum strength, shape and volume in humid, wet and cold conditions. This protects vulnerable products and minimises waste.

Food safe

Our operations comply fully with continuously-evolving industry standards. We provide (un)coated boxes for both direct and indirect food contact with food.

Fast freezing

Our consumer packaging has a minimal thickness which results in shorter freezing times. Solid board is well-suited to storage and transport in cold stores and freezers.

Eye-catching design possibilities

We offer high-quality solid board suitable for direct printing of luxury consumer packaging. The printing equipment is unmatched in it's quality. We will advise you on the optimal board grades for your print quality requirements.

Our environmental choices

Retailers and consumers care more about sustainability than ever before. At Solidus, sustainability is central to our business. From natural and recyclable materials to an optimised production process, we are always striving to improve our efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of our actions and products.

Consumer packaging logistical performance

We design our packaging with transport and logistics as a top priority. It is easily flat-packed and takes up less space than wooden, plastic and corrugated packaging. This reduces storage, shipping costs and emissions through fewer loads.

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