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Solid board sheets & reels

Here at Solidus, we produce a wide range of solid board sheets and reels of the finest quality. It’s been our mission from day one to innovate and grow our range, creating a wide variety of products to ensure there’s something for everyone.
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Why choose Solidus solid board sheet solutions?

Composition of solid board

Solid board consists of a grey inner layer that has been made from recycled paper and cardboard. We are able to laminate our inner layer with several laminating papers and/or foils, depending on our customers' requirements.

To improve the moisture resistance of our packaging board, a PE coating can be applied.

A water-resistant form of solid board is also available. An additive in the grey layer called Sapino prevents the board from absorbing water. Sapino board always has a PE coating finish.

Characteristics of solid board

  • Components: Multilayer board made from recovered fibres, laminated on one or two sides, mostly cut in sheets.
  • Weight: Board weight between 400 and 1300 g/m2
  • Type: Sold in sheets (94%) and reels (6%)
  • Designs: Perfect for complex packaging designs with high conversion speed due to efficient folding and scoring.
  • Properties: Inline lamination imparts a wide range of properties to our solid board: strength, stiffness, food contact potential, water resistance, excellent printability and colour.
  • Compactness: Solid board is more compact than corrugated board.

Versatile applications

Each board type has its own specific, specially-designed features, making our solutions applicable within numerous markets and industries. Solid board sheets have been designed to offer many benefits, from durability and moisture resistance to compactness and capacity to work with complex designs.

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