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Natural, recyclable and responsibly sourced, Printline board is ideal for embossing and various printing techniques like offset and the use of special inks. If you’re looking for custom-printed packaging, this is the solution for you. During production, we ensure dust-free offset printing for a perfect result. The possibilities for making your product stand out are only limited by the imagination. Find out some of the amazing benefits and specifications of our Printline board below.
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Relevant industries

Product features


  • Excellent printability;
  • Glossy surface/high quality machine coated paper;
  • High stiffness/robust feeling that makes embossing on packaging simple;
  • Luxurious look/visually appealing;
  • Flat board/high runability.


  • 450 – 800 gsm MC/white kraft
  • 450 – 800 gsm MC/brown kraft
  • 600 – 800 gsm MC/MC
  • 700 gsm MC/wood free offset white
  • 550 – 650 MC/white Kraft + white PE

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