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Foodline has been especially designed for food plates with greasy products. The board is finished in a glued liner suitable for direct food contact. It prevents migration between packaging and food. The board is ideal to use for wet products like fish and meat, presenting your product in the best way. We offer a wide range of food plates that can be cut in your desired shape.
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Product features

About Foodline

Solid board Foodline consists of a grey inner layer that has been made from recycled paper and cardboard. We laminate our inner layer with foils to give them the perfect barrier for greasy products like salmon and other fish. An additive in the grey layer prevents water from entering the board. This is called Sapino quality. Sapino board always has a PE coating finish.


  • Food-safe/perfect barrier for greasy products;
  • Luxurious look/visually appealing;
  • Accurate weight;
  • Flat board/high runability;
  • Optimal cutting performance;


  • Individual
    • All shapes possible
    • Pre-print or offset print
  • Metalized colors
    • Gold/Silver
    • Silver/Silver
    • Gold/Gold
    • White/White
  • Metal free colors
    • Gold/Silver
    • Black/Black
    • White/White
  • Choose your board grammage
    • Grammage range 500 – 2.000
  • Many options available
    • Middles can be sized and non-sized
    • Corner options
    • Special shapes
  • Regulations
    • Our Foodline respects all European regulations about Food contact

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