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We manufacture a range of solid board products specifically for the stationery and office products market, including archive boxes, clipboards, lever arch files, notepads, and ring binders. Solid board’s components make it the ideal raw material for notebooks. We provide practical cardboard stationary solutions made from recyclable solid board in brown or white, in a comprehensive range of sizes.
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Why choose Solidus stationery solutions?

Luxline graphic for stationery

Our Luxline graphic (Luxline g) is suitable for a wide range of stationery, photo albums and calendars. As this type of board often comes into contact with other paper, we have designed it with humidity and durability in mind – making this the material of choice for customers looking for high-quality, sustainable solutions. We supply Luxline g in every desired size and thickness. Take a look at some of the benefits and specifications below.

Benefits of Luxline g

  • Flat board/high runability;
  • Smooth surface/ideal for laminating;
  • Accurate caliper;
  • High stiffness/robust feeling;
  • Precise dimensions/optimal squareness.

Specifications of Luxline g

  • 0.80 mm – 1.40 mm unlined/unlined
  • 1.50 mm – 3.80 mm grey/grey

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