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We drive packaging circularity

Solidus believes in sustainability as it is central to its key business. From natural and recyclable materials to an optimised production process: we are always striving to improve our efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of our actions and products.

Interested in our sustainability progress? Have a look at our sustainability report.
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Our sustainability commitments

We support the circular bioeconomy by recovering, recycling and reusing fibres

Our main raw material is recycled fibres which can be reused up to 25 times. Circularity is key to our business as we recover, recycle and reuse fibres in the packaging materials we produce.

Using energy efficiently

We continuously strive to reduce our energy consumption, we invest to increase efficiency and shift to more sustainable energy sources. In 2021 we implemented 7,000 solar panels at our Oude Pekela facility in the Netherlands.

Minimising the environmental footprint

Continuous improvement is part of our sustainability developments. We have ISO 14001 certification in place for our factories and our goals and commitments are set for climate change, waste and water.

Sustainability projects

Reuse wastewater and turn it into a valuable source of energy

Solidus had an Econvert anaerobic treatment plant installed in Coevorden (the Netherlands). Econvert’s reactors are 
designed for anaerobic wastewater treatment. Due to the unique settling systems of the reactors, they are able to handle a large variation and different concentrations of wastewater. Anaerobic wastewater treatment is a very effective way of removing biodegradable organic compounds 
(COD/BOD). Therefore, wastewater becomes a valuable source of energy, in a world where energy becomes more and more scarce.

With this form of wastewater treatment, Solidus significantly reduces their ecological footprint. By utilizing the produced biogas, 
our CO2 footprint is decreased considerably. Currently, already an efficient removal of 85% of COD has been realised. Next to that, a clear 
OPEX reduction takes place by saving on discharging and energy costs.

Planting trees to combat climate change

As a company that’s totally committed to sustainability, we gave the gift of trees in 2022 and 2023 as a Christmas gift to our customers. In 2022, we planted 4,000 trees – one for each of our valued customers. After all, nature gives us the raw materials for our fibreboard products, so we feel it’s time to give something back.

Working with Trees for All, we planted two forests in 2022. In the Netherlands, we regreened Nieuw Bos in Drenthe, enlarging and connecting existing forest areas. And in Central Vietnam, we restored the depleted dune forests, which will give the locals (both people and wildlife!) a coastline that’s both more beautiful and more resilient to the extremes of weather.

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