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Bakery & Confectionary Packaging Solutions

Do you need your bakery and confectionary products to be packaged safely, sustainably, and keep their freshness? Then our packaging is for you! We will also brand your products, giving the cardboard packaging the right look to ensure they embody your brand without making any concessions to quality.
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Why choose Solidus packaging solutions for bakery products?

Cardboard packaging for bakery products

We provide a range of solid board boxes suitable for transporting baked goods. Our products provide high levels of protection due to the strength of the solid board, and allow stacking during transport. Our paper-based solutions for bakery products are fully compliant with food hygiene standards.

Cardboard food plates for bakery products

In addition to our converted packaging, we offer a wide range of food plates that can be cut in your required shape. Our Traycompact® plates have a liner suitable for direct food contact. It prevents migration between packaging and food. The board is therefore ideal for delicacies and bakery products, presenting your product in the best way.

Benefits of our bakery packaging solutions

  • We offer different paper-based solutions for bakery applications, such as paper-based transport packaging, oil and fat-resistant food plates, solid board containers and layer pads for bakery dough;
  • We provide a range of solid board products that include barriers for greasy products;
  • When sized, our board is suitable for most products, considerably reducing penetration via board edges;
  • A variety of printing techniques ensure your products look their best in store.

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