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Consumers increasingly choose products made from sustainable and renewable raw materials to protect our planet and its precious ecosystems. So Solidus has designed a series of sustainable punnets for fruit and vegetables that are made from cardboard. Our solid cardboard punnets are 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource. Consequently, they are a sustainable alternative for polystyrene, plastic and wooden containers for fruit and vegetables.
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About our cardboard punnets for fruit and vegetables

Cardboard punnets for fruit and vegetables; Solidus has designed a complete range that offers a recycled and natural alternative to polystyrene, plastic and wooden equivalents. Our moisture-resistant cardboard punnets for fruit and vegetables are available in both customer-specific and standard sizes, and offer optimal protection for your product within the total logistics chain.


  • Cardboard punnets with truly eye-catching printed designs: All our sustainable cardboard punnets for fruit and vegetables are a perfect canvas for today’s most advanced printing techniques. In addition, our three standard packaging types guarantee good visibility and optimal presentation of your food product. High-quality offset printing allows you to use specific corporate colours and imagery. This attracts the consumer’s attention in the retail environment and sets you apart from your competitors, leading to an increase in sales.
  • Cardboard punnets provide optimal protection during transport: Our sustainable range of cardboard punnets for fruit and vegetables has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of your logistics process. The structural properties of the punnets ensure that your fruit and vegetables reach the consumer in optimal condition. Thanks to optional ventilation holes in the corners, fruit and vegetables can be kept in perfect condition. In addition, we also offer moisture-resistant and frost-resistant types of cardboard that keep your product fresh during its journey through the supply chain. We offer different forms of delivery. All our sustainable cardboard punnets for fruit and vegetables are delivered in flatpack or stacked form to minimise transport costs and maximise storage space. We guarantee you the safest and most space-saving forms of delivery.


  • Dimensions: We have a standard range available of punnet shapes suitable for each type of fruit or vegetable product. We provide a range of dimensions from a min. size of 5 x 5 x 2.5 cm to a max. size of 28.5 x 20 x 11 cm.
  • Solid board grades & liners: We offer various solid board grades, including water resistant boards and other coatings.
  • Print options: Our punnets are beautiful just the way they are but we also offer standard and high quality printing options. Select offset, flexo or pre-print to get the best printing results and brand presentation for your fresh product.
  • Customized: Your packaging is completely customizable with additional options like moisture-resistant PE coatings and unique hole patterns.

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