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Cardboard envelopes

We manufacture a series of solid board products specifically for the production of cardboard envelopes or mailers. We provide you with practical solutions made from recyclable solid board in brown or white, in a comprehensive range of sizes to suit your requirements.
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Why choose Solidus cardboard envelope solutions?

Packline for envelopes

Our range of Packline board solutions is extremely versatile and suitable for a huge variety of envelope and other packaging solutions. Its durability, compactness, and printing capability means that it’s perfectly suited for the manufacturing of cardboard envelopes. Also offering solid protection and bend resistance on both sides of the envelope. We supply Packline in every desired size and thickness. Take a look at some of the benefits and specifications below.

Benefits of Packline

  • Strong board for product protection;
  • Visually appealing/suitable for various printing techniques;
  • Suitable for a wide variety of packaging solutions;
  • Flat board/high runability;
  • Food safe and certified board.

Specifications of Packline

  • Substance range 450 – 1600 gsm
  • Unlined board and laminated board with (White) Testliners/(White) Kraftliners/(White/Brown) Kraft papers
  • Sizing/PE coatings

Detailed assortment list available on request

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