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Album covers

Solid board covers lend elegance and durability to your photo albums. We design and manufacture our board in order to meet customers’ varying requirements in areas such as ease of processing, durability, and design. We offer you our Luxline graphic (Luxline g), high-quality solid board with high runability options and a smooth surface, ideal for laminating options. Our solid board Luxline g options vary in structure, surface and weight (thickness).
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About Luxline graphic

Our Luxline graphic (Luxline g) is suitable for producing photo album covers and a wide range of stationery, hardcover books and calendars. This type of board often comes into contact with other paper, making humidity levels a key concern. We supply Luxline g in every desired size and thickness.


  • Flat board/high runability, allowing you to print your graphics with ease;
  • Smooth surface/ideal for laminating;
  • Accurate caliper for your thickness requirements;
  • High stiffness/robust feeling;
  • Precise dimensions/optimal squareness.


  • 0.80 mm – 1.40 mm unlined/unlined
  • 1.50 mm – 3.80 mm grey/grey

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