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Standing display

Looking for a retail display stand that really stands out?

Our many years of experience means we can seamlessly use our solid board to create highly effective retail displays and point of sale displays. Whatever the challenge or retail environment may be, our range of board qualities offers a solution, improving the effectiveness of your brand promotion every time.
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Relevant industries

Product features


  • Smooth/stiff/stable solid board material suitable for outdoor & indoor standing displays;
  • Perfect flatness to display your product at the counter;
  • Top-quality screen, offset and digital board printing results for a variety of retail settings;
  • Dust-free;
  • Highly suitable for die cutting, scoring, and creasing.


  • 0,80 – 1,00 mm Print/Print (MC/MC)
  • 1,25 – 2,00 mm Premium Print/Premium Print (GC/GC)
  • 2,50 – 3,00 mm Print/Print (GD/GD)

Interested in understanding how Standing Displays could help your business?