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We produce standard and customisable packaging, solid board, tubes & cores, edge protectors and partitions. As a global leading producer, we cover the full production process from recovered paper to a wide range of paper-based products.

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Edge protectors

Solidus performs a wide range and variety of recycled coreboard for edge protectors to offer your products the protection they need during transport.

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Foodline has been especially designed for food plates for greasy products. The board is laminated (one or both sides) with PET-foils (gold/silver/black) making it suitable for direct food contact.

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Hand erected trays

This strong pop-up tray is hand-foldable with an innovative corner construction. No machines are required and erecting can be carried out anywhere. We deliver this tray flat-folded.

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Hardcover books

Many of our solid board grades are specially designed for the production of hardcover books like diaries, ring binder notebooks, text books, and coffee table books.

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Layer pads

Solid board layer pads divide stacked products, for example cans or bottles. The dividing layer stabilises the product whilst distributing the weight, thus avoiding damage during transport.

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Machine erected trays

Our cardboard machine erected tray is ideal for quick packaging of large batches of fruit or vegetables.
It is designed for fully automatic erection and can be used in standard automated filling and
palletising lines.

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