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Edge protectors

Our coreboard provides superior high-strength for the production of your edge protectors. With our coreboard for edge protectors, you can secure your goods perfectly against damage in transit.
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Product features


  • Stability: Made from high-strength coreboard, your edge protectors are able to provide an economical method of improving load stability.
  • Protection: While making use of vertically positioned edge protectors, your goods will be protected during the entire supply chain
  • Environmentally friendly: Made from recycled coreboard, your edge protectors are able to provide an environmentally friendly method of improving load stability


With a wide range of coreboard qualities, starting with Plybond of 200 joules up to 700 joules, Solidus can produce substances of 160 gsm to 700 gsm, and moreover, from small coils of 50 mm to reels of 2.340 mm.

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