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Flowers & Plants

Our solid board packaging protects your flowers and plants in all conditions. We make sure your flowers arrive at their destination intact. Our waterproof board means, you can water the flowers without damaging the flowers packaging. Our high printing qualities enable us to add decorations & designs to your customer flower box or plant packaging, always presenting your product it at its best.
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Why choose Solidus flowers and plants packaging solutions?


Vulnerable products like flowers and plants are fragile, especially in transit. Our solid board offers exceptional levels of protection. It is easy to fold guaranteeing puncture resistance and high stackability.

Moisture resistance

Our packaging retains its strength, shape and volume in humid and wet conditions. Our waterproof solid board options mean you can water flowers and potplants without damaging the packaging.

High quality print

Our boxes are beautiful just the way they are. But we also offer standard and high-quality printing and consult you on the optimal laminating for your printing quality requirements.
Upon request, we can even print with your unique colour code.

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