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Solidus recycles old promotional material into solid board seats for Grasnapolsky festival

Visitors of Grasnapolsky festival (6 – 7 – 8 March 2020, Scheemda) will be able to take a seat on recycled solid board chairs and benches made by Solidus. Various festivals, music venues and other music organizations have submitted their old promotional material during the past few weeks to reuse in the production process of Solidus.

Festivals, music venues and other organizations within the music industry produce a lot of printed materials and therefore a lot of waste material. In order to make the public and other festivals aware of the large amount of posters, flyers and show programmes that often stay behind after a festival and the impact that has, Grasnapolsky festival and Solidus have initiated the project ‘The Future of old festival paper‘.

The project ‘The Future of old festival paper’ originated after the Grasnapolsky team visited one of the Solidus factories and saw how everyday household paper and cardboard is being processed into new packaging or utensils. With the project, Solidus and Grasnapolsky want to send a strong signal to make festivals aware of their ecological footprint and how recycling can contribute to this in a sustainable way.

Festival Grasnapolsky takes place on 6, 7 and 8 March in the former strawboard factory De Toekomst in Scheemda (the Netherlands). Grasnapolsky tells the story of a unique location in the Netherlands and tries to cooperate as much as possible with local parties. Solidus is the leading European producer of solid board and solid board packaging and originated from one of the first strawboard factories in Oude Pekela. The group processes recycled paper into solid board and packaging for various market segments, including food, consumer and industrial sectors.