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Embrace sustainable avocado packaging on National Avocado Day

People all over the world increasingly enjoy the taste and cooking possibilities of avocados. And on National Avocado Day we should embrace this trend! Are you going to sell avocados, process avocados or pack them for trade? Here you’ll find out why you should make use of Solidus’ avocado packaging solutions.

Avocado packaging for long distance transport

Solidus has been present for many years in the avocado market, supplying avocado packaging for long distance imports by sea from countries such as Chile or Mexico whilst also in more local distribution channels in Spain and other European countries. Solid board packaging stays resistant to humidity, especially for long transport times in refrigerated containers. The cardboard avocado packaging maintains structure and it protects the precious product it carries. It also does not absorb humidity, so it does not dehydrate the fruit. In addition solid board is thinner than most packaging materials and so occupies less space in the container, with the result of more boxes per container. Our clients export fruit, not cardboard after all!

Sustainable cardboard with high quality print

More and more consumers demand for less plastic in packaging and it’s up to us to respond. Solidus is your partner for sustainable cardboard avocado trays! Equipped with FSC® certified solid board, we are able to offer you a sustainable substitute for plastic packaging. We specialize in the entire process of avocado packing for manual as well as automated filling.

And finally, whatever promotion your brand needs, we have the latest generation offset printing and UVI finishes.