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Use a water resistant umbrella made from solid board during National Umbrella Day

Happy National Umbrella Day!

In the US, each year on 10 February, we honor one of the world’s most useful inventions: the umbrella. When we think of umbrellas, one word definitely comes to mind: protection. To keep you protected on a rainy day, umbrellas are usually made from a variety of plastics, nylon, wood and metal parts. But what if we show you solid board is another great water resistant material, suitable to make an umbrella from?


Our solid board, which can be seen as a multilayer board made from recovered fibres, retains its strength, shape and volume in humid and wet conditions. It can be treated with a water resistant PE layer, making it ideal for cooling and humid conditions.

Even in extremely wet conditions, Sapino® gives the highest protection against moisture. Sapino® will be added in the grey inner layer of our board to prevent water from entering. Sapino® always comes in combination with PE liners for an extra moisture barrier.

Sapino®-treated board is the best choice for packaging that requires a moisture barrier for ice cube chilled products. Not only will your products stay fresh, Sapino®-treated solid board with a PE coating will resist the wettest conditions and retain its strength during the whole logistical process or a rainy National Umbrella Day.


The umbrella you see in the video was made from our Packline board:
1200 g/m², brown + PE/brown + PE Sapino®.